Cynicism revisited

According to Merriam Webster…

Main Entry: cyn·i·cal
Function: adjective
a : contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives
b : based on or reflecting a belief that human conduct is motivated primarily by self-interest

When do you know that you are too cynical?

Cynicism is important mainly for not getting hoodwinked by others, because we all know the world is full of dishonesty and evil ideas. At almost every point is someone marketing his ideas as positive for all when it is meant to serve him and him only.

But what happens when you distrust everyone by default? The practice of cynicism leads to a neverending spiral of “am I sure this guy is for real?”, and it keeps folding upon itself till you withdraw from society and rather talk to your dog.

How does one reverse the trend of cynicism then? The nature of man often leads to the conclusion that self-defence against other agendas cannot be relaxed at any point. But if one does not let go of his distrust, he cannot heal. I fear that once we have embarked on this path, there is no turning back, only a greater withdrawal into one’s shell.

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