Being foolish at any age

One of the most memorable conversations I ever had was with our Sec 4 teacher. I remember visiting her during my uni days and telling her how we are never as smart as we think we are.

“You know, Madam, at 16, I thought I knew everything, or rather all that I needed to know. At 18, I thought my 16-year-old self was an idiot. At 21, I thought my 18-year-old self was plain ignorant.” And so on and so forth.

“But the common trend here is that at every age, we believe ourselves to be smarter than we used to be and hence more wise. Yet we never think about how ignorant or foolish we could be at this current stage of life.”

The recent trip to San Fran had several incidents that made me realise how childish I’ve been with respect to certain issues, and how badly I’ve misjudged them.

No matter what you think of others, if they have more age and experience behind them, they’re probably far smarter than your smarmy little ideas.

PS – My beloved and infant 5D camera was involved in a horrible freak accident on the last day in SF. Will be heading down to Canon today to seek help. The nice thing is that unlike when I was 22, I did not mope all day long over the camera. I walked to Fisherman’s Wharf and took photos with my Nokia 6680 instead heh.

The quality is pathetic, but better to have something than nothing to show the kids. Now that’s a nice thing about getting older – you really start to understand that material things are not worth many tears.