Zodiac Rubbish

Women Some people love reading horoscopes. Call me sexist a generalist but it’s true. Most guys will brush off the whole flaluting idea of the 12 animals determining your daily woes and wonders as absolute rubbish but women some people just can’t stop reading them.

Look, once and for all, a horoscope is written to encompass every common trait in a person. For eg, let me create a 13th animal, caught between the stars of Alpha Centuri and Betelgeuse.

The Toad (Bufo in Latin, born on an even month, preferably in the morning)

Le Toad

You are shy because you think your outward appearance makes you seem less approachable than you really are. You prefer the company of similar folk, but their insecurities make you feel uncomfortable so you retreat into a world of daydreams and munching on small snacks. You are a closet intellectual, but you prefer to break the ice with loud jokes and sometimes a quick fart. People have always accused you of a sharp tongue, and you agree you need to lash out less.

I know of some people who are absolute Bufos.

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