Who? Me stupid?

Alfred E Neuman

Everybody has a comment about the NKF saga. So have I.

Singaporeans should stop complaining about the organisation and take a good look at themselves. The ability of NKF to fleece the public to such an extent is a demonstration of several long-standing problems with humanity.

1. Most people have never heard of “creative accounting”, “administrative costs”, or “power corrupts”.
2. People still get suckered after they cry watching videos designed to squeeze every tear from your ducts.
3. As long as everything looks good on the outside, why bother questioning it? In fact, as long as you can win a prize, who cares what your company actually does?
4. We don’t really know how the world really works, or the depths of depravity of man.

Charity begins at home. Feed your kids first. Any money that you decide to donate to charity is money written off. If someone takes it to fly business-class, it’s because the money didn’t come with your name on it. This is not being stingy, this is called being smart with your money.

Even Christians have to spend wisely. Being “cheerful givers” doesn’t mean you have to be “stupid givers”. God gave us brains, not peanuts between our ears.

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