The Limits Of This Blog Are Being Tested

This blog is a tough one.

Unlike most other blogs, my sense of self-preservation (and sometimes my concern for my worried editors) prevents me from writing anything that is really reflective of what I’m really thinking at any moment.

Oh yeah, you’ve been reading lies all this while!!! (Ok, it’s true stuff, but just watered down, sub-edited, copy-edited and filtered once more with a strainer by yours truly). You end up reading nothing but obvious axioms, pretty photos with one really expensive camera and some useless links.

BUT, I can still write the following:

Imagine if you have a blog/website that is widely read, and you somehow link being widely read to being wildly popular and liked. Your sense of popularity is inflamed by the large number of supporters you have, most who leave behind comments as inane as your online mutterings.

Then you start to publicise yourself as someone who has good credentials, who’s worked for reputable organisations, when all you did was a mere part time job where your grubby work didn’t get you an long-term job offer. When people send you legal warnings for shooting off your mouth, you proudly proclaim to the world that it’s no big deal. Perhaps you are waiting for the warning to become a court order?

You think you’re cool, you think you’re hip, you think you’re the next icon. But all you’re doing is showing the rest of the world (including your brain-dead fans) how little you know about anything.

When do you know when you know something? When you keep your trap shut where it matters most – online.

Dear unnamed recipient of this post – Do something worthwhile with your life. Get good grades, get a good salary, save some lives, do some housework…whatever. I’ve seen quite a bit of the world, yet it’s always alarming to see the vast amount of foolishness concentrated on and exuded by one individual.

I once met this man who was headed to jail for a very public assault on a woman, and he defended himself by saying, “See how many of my friends say I am such a good teacher and friend!” He kept on this crazy thing and was put through a really public disgrace later. (Ah, if only I could tell you more!)

I haven’t been reading the Bible much of late, but Proverbs is always my favourite (when reminding myself not to reveal how much of a fool I am online).

Proverbs 18:1-3 (New International Version)
1 An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends;
he defies all sound judgment.

2 A fool finds no pleasure in understanding
but delights in airing his own opinions.

3 When wickedness comes, so does contempt,
and with shame comes disgrace.


So is this blog going to become more preachy and boring? Honestly I have no idea, it wasn’t created to please any particular individual but myself, and there aren’t that many people reading anyway. It’s really a collection of my observations that are safe enough to put up for public view

And I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m snobbish.

I’m from ACS from goodness sake, we know when someone is not colour-coordinated or has no class. That’s why parents want to put their kids in ACS rather than RI ok. Pedigree has its privileges, and I’m not just talking about a much cooler school badge.

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