Judging by appearances?

One of the most used phrases on earth is “Do not judge by appearances”, or “Never judge a book by its cover”

I am not so sure.

Having met my fair share of people, I find one universal constant – Your personality becomes etched on your features over time.

I try to dissuade myself each time a first impression sticks, but more often than not, my initial gut feel of a person turns out to be correct as I have more dealings with him.

Examples (I use “her,” because women tend to be read more easily than poker faced men who spend more time watching TV than exploring their emotional baggage)

  1. A person with a pinched face is most probably someone dissatisfied with her lot in life, and has poor social relationships.
  2. A person whose face looks too smooth, more porcelain like, is often someone who is afraid that her true nature will be known to others. Probably trying to keep up with the Joneses at all costs, and has little clue what people really thinks of her.
  3. Smile lines around the eyes really do reflect a jovial personality, because she has obviously smiled more than she has frowned.
  4. Wisdom can often be spotted immediately. It’s in the eyes and how they look upon others. Smart people tend to take their time in looking you over, unlike ham sup lows who just look at your bosom immediately.
  5. A weathered face can be due to a thousand factors, but wait for the person to speak, and you will know how sincere he or she is. (Oh yes, fakery is one of the easiest traits to spot). A weathered face is often someone who fought many battles on the mano a mano front.

Of course, a reading is also strongly affected by body language. Confidence, in abundance or in want, accentuates one’s outward impression dramatically.

The one exception to this strange theory is the category of clueless folks.

A person who is perpetually blur somehow cannot be spotted quickly, because their faces are a blank slate of normality. That is why bosses continue to employ people who turn out to be completely inept at their jobs, only because the former couldn’t spot the flaw in the first place.

So this is the frightening bit for people who don’t want to be known. As time goes by, your inside personality comes to the surface.

Don’t believe me? Just start looking around you and observe the people you know. Why do some pretty people get uglier over time?

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