Gotta do some renovation..

The site is going thru an internal software upgrade (it sucks to use open-source software, all manual one).


So forgive me if some things are missing for a while. For eg, the overall Doraemon colour scheme has gone off for a smoke break.

I’m keeping his visage for the time being though…may just replace it with a Finnish duckie soon. I’m now trying out some new colour schemes with the current template. So far, tan brown is definitely out!

In the meantime, go browse the photo gallery lah.

2 Replies to “Gotta do some renovation..”

  1. hey ian, read your “don’t believe the hype” article today and came to your site. like your comments so gonna add a link to my own site, if you don’t mind.

    happy new year and best wishes for you n family.

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