Fortune Telling

I usually don’t bother with fortune tellers because my life is in God’s hands.

But what do you do when a fortune teller stops you at Amoy Street to give you his two cents about you?

That happened to me today when a yogi called out to me and said, “Three good things will happen to you in Jan! You lead a simple life and you look like a cheery person! I can see it from your forehead!”

At this point I fished out $10 and gave it to him to spread a little Christmas cheer. Thought he needed the money.

He went on, telling me certain things that will happen next year (it’s pretty sensitive stuff), with a blunt reminder to hold my sharp tongue because it can hurt people’s feelings and not to think too much all the time.

He then passed me a piece of paper which he had crushed into a small ball, and said, “Think of 4 lucky numbers!” I just blabbed four numbers and lo and behold, unfolding the paper revealed the exact same digits.

“Go buy 4D! And donate $50 to my temple” I gave him another $10 (“I need to feed my kids, sorry”) and went back to my office.

Was he really a powerful mystic? Or was he one of those people who are so good at reading body language they can give general statements that will seem to be highly accurate? Good things happen to me daily (good health, food on the table, roof over my head, no car accidents), so his predictions had already come true anyway. I’d like a big windfall though, can go buy LCD TV haha.

Yet several things bug me about this incident.

Firstly, as a follower of Christ, whoever is not with Him is against Him. Yogis definitely don’t fall within the Bible’s definition of believers. But it was undeniable that his soothsaying was both attractive and fear-inducing. This is where faith clashes with experience, and faith has to win or why bother being a believer?

But should I go buy 4D now? I won’t, because I’ve never won at 4D or Toto and $20 giveaway in one day is enough. Singapore Pools doesn’t need my cash.

Secondly, am I so easily read? Perhaps. My simple attire today (polo T and purple slacks) does reflect a simple lifestyle. My eyes smile easily, so yes, I am quite cheery. My forehead often looks worried, so yes, I do have many things on my mind (usually it’s what story to write for TNP this week). But how could he tell from my cheery expression that I had a sharp tongue? This is one thing I could not scientifically rationalise.

Perhaps he reads this blog.

Lastly, how did he do the 4D trick? My colleague quipped, “He didn’t read your mind. You were the one who predicted what numbers he had already written.”

So does that make me the mystic here?

Xmas Eve update: Checked the results for 4D so far for the past two draws. The lucky 4 numbers have yet to strike it hot. So much for mystical powers.

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  1. regarding the numbers.. more like he ‘put it’ into your mind then ‘reading your mind’.

    that’s why the paper is from him. He control it to some degree.

    God can read our mind… but our enemy can plan thoughts in our mind.
    Sound familiar?

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