“I just want to make sure you are not going to have an acute heart attack.” said the lady doctor as she quickly pasted stickers all over my body and attached at least seven cables fr0m the ECG machine.

The printed sheet had very nice and regular troughs, I thought. She asked a second time, “How old are you again? 29?”

I dutifully went for a chest X-ray in town and the lungs were clear too.

So what has been causing my chest constrictions and breathlessness?

“Stress,” said the second doctor. “Here, take these anti stress muscle relaxants”

But does that mean I’m gonna go flacc….limp?

5 Replies to “Chest…tight..”

  1. HAHAHA. I was just telling my colleague that I had a big acne on my face one day and my left arm hurt and the doctor said “STRESS!”

    Whenever doctors can’t find a reason to your pain and problems, IT IS CALLED STRESS!

  2. HI IAN! zis is gwen! thx for dropping by. and yes i’d defintely wanna do the photos! we’ll do it next yr ya?!

    all the best for the coming yr~ =]

  3. my hub had the same symptoms as you too..admitted to hospital twice but doc had no idea what was the problem but later said it was stress *bleah*

  4. Dammit, are we all gonna die young from heart disease? I thought I conquered stress during my intern days!

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