The Pursuit Of Knowledge

As I grow older, I start to wonder about certain things that we assume to be the right thing to do.

For eg., is there a need to know as much as possible about anything? Otherwise known as “The Pursuit Of Knowledge”, a virtue eagerly promoted by everyone from your teachers to the prime minister, I find that it has some unpleasant side effects.

I mean, why is there then, a phrase called “When you know too much”? When do you know when you know too much? Is it when you realise that there wasn’t really any point in knowing all that you have discovered thus far? Or when you realise that knowing so much only makes you realise how little other people want to know about anything? If that is so, why be so different from other people, risking the label of being “difficult” or even “show-off”?

Knowledge is power, I agree. But knowledge, especially of mortal issues, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.