Mixed Media

See the new disclaimer below?

I like to gripe, but only because things could be a little better. This site has nothing to do with my company Singapore Press Holdings, and the views are entirely mine. If you are looking for insider information, juicy gossip, the scoops on any important joes, this place ain’t it. I’m afraid I lead a pretty boring heterosexual life with a nuclear family and nobody tells me anything exciting. If you want to find out more about how the local press works, please call our HR dept, perhaps there’s a job opening. But don’t cry when you take our super tough writing test ok?

Yeah, it’s to affirm that journalists and blogs do not mix, at least not in the way you’d like them to.

To cut the long story short, I’ve always believed you’ve got to be one stupid journalist if you are going to bring your working life online.

Meaning that you tell the whole world what went on in your work today, which other journalist you bitched about or why this newsmaker has a cute ass. Any journalist that lacks an internal monologue (see Austin Powers, scene when he is unfrozen from cryogenic sleep and mutters that Vanessa Kensington probably “shags like a minx” to her face) should not even be writing for the press.

You mean you can’t keep a poker face when your interviewee starts to give you hell or slams the door in your face? Or that you can’t keep an embargo?

In fact, I don’t even think journos should be posting stuff like when they’re stuck in some wartorn country and giving a blow-by-blow account online. Common (and market) sense tells you that you’re better off making your editor a happy lark with press exclusives than giving it away free to people who won’t remember your name next week. Yes, most rookie reporters are so enamoured with their new national byline, they have little idea that few people bother to scan every story for the famous author.

Ask me for a famous journo’s name off the top of my head and I can only name Roger Ebert (www.rogerebert.com). And he covers stuff like Harry Potter. But don’t mess, he won a Pulitzer ok? And he writes better than 99% of people out there. I wonder who’s his copy editor….

Of course, the problem with a blog is that it IS internal monologue. I suspect this is what confuses many bloggers. They are equating internal monologues with free speech, which somehow equates to the “new age of journalism”.

Free speech is what I say to myself when I’m on the potty, anything else incurs a cost.

For eg. Never tell your wife you think Lin Chi-Ling is hot. Cost: “I’ll box you!”

Oh well, back to my photography and usual grouses on the general vague stuff.