Critical bloggers

An interesting phenomenon is starting to happen.

There seem to be self-styled experts appearing online and taking on traditional institutions as if they knew any better. It’s not just the usual gripes about “Oh the baby bonus is such a farce”, but “You guys don’t know anything. I went through university and learnt all the things that the media/govt/bank sector should be. Here’s how you should have done it.”

Let me tell you I didn’t learn very much about the real world, business concerns, ethical dilemmas and so on in school. Academia lives in its own vacuum, which is fine as long as they don’t mess up shareholder value.

My challenge to all you people who think you’re so smart – find a job in the company/institution that you are unhappy with. Why be an armchair critic when you can actually effect real change? Or are you too scared to do so? Maybe you can’t even pass the entrance test.

Blogging problem #145 – Everybody has become a consultant. But who’s paying them to talk? When talk is cheap, is it worth talking?