My Favourite Gibb

Andy Gibb

As my posts continue in the nostalgic vein, I might as well tell you about my favourite Gibb brother. While I do love the BeeGees, it is their baby brother Andy Gibb who really strikes the chords in my soppy heart.

“I Want To Be Your Everything” is one of the songs I heard when sitting in my mum’s car in the late 70s, and so were “Shadow Dancing” and “Our Love, Don’t Throw It All Away.” They are classic BeeGees tunes, only because they were mostly co-written with the help of the older Gibbs. Barry and the twins also helped with backing vocals (look, nobody else could hit those falsettos). So it’s not wrong to think of Andy as the fourth BeeGee, he was just too young to join his older brothers when he was starting out.

Until today, when I was reading the Wikipedia entry on Andy, I never realised he died in 1988. I thought he passed away a lot earlier. The sad truth is that he spent most of the 80s trying to regain the glory of the previous decade, but drugs and drinks overtook him. I guess that is why I have no memory of him in the decadent decade.

One of the most moving tributes to him was by his older brothers in concert. Before they sung “How Deep Is Your Love”, Barry said: “This is for our kid brother, Andy.”