This is not a Rebecca Lim commentary

I’ve been telling my friends that the whole Rebecca Lim and NTUC Income publicity stunt was such a non-story. So writing this piece on my blog kind of contradicts myself, because I am writing a story about a non-story. Even talking about it has made it a story.

But let me be clear here. This is not a commentary about Rebecca Lim. This is about how society is spending too much time getting its knickers in a bunch over nothing.

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Biker Bites – Biker Dads, Daylight Drunkards and the XDiavel

Ludicrous as it sounds, biker dads are mostly like Batman. Not in the heroic sense, but just the alter-ego lifestyle we often lead. 

While the family is still asleep in the wee hours of the morning, we put on our leathers, fire up the engine, rumble through the streets, avoid the cops, and meet up with other bikers to eat and drink coffee.

Then we get home, park the bike, peel off the riding boots, hang up the leathers and are back to the boring daddy stuff (housework, office work on the computer, reading the news) when the kids wake up bleary-eyed.

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Ducati Monster 1200S – Portraits with my iPhone

Every Ducati is a work of art, and it’s always fun to find new ways to photograph these beauties on a small island like Singapore. I used to scout actively for photographic opportunities on my previous Monster 1100 Evo with my larger cameras, but I’ve slowed down a bit with my current Monster 1200S due to work and generally lousy weather.

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Where are we heading towards?

In 2002, when I was a young journalist, I met a cranky old lawyer who had many things to say about Singapore society. The one thing I remember him saying during that interview was this:

“I tell you, the young people of today need to worry. They were told by the government that if they studied hard and got good grades, they will get a condo, car and cash and whatever. But I see so many young people who face so many problems even though they have all the qualifications and work so hard.”

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Before I turn 40

As I approach the big Four Zero in 2016, it’s getting harder to write blog posts like this. I’ve actually deleted and rewritten this post four times already because I cannot decide how much to say. But write, I must.

Turning 40 is fascinating yet dreadful – I know more things than before, yet realize how little I know about many other things. I’ve gotten to know many people, and also realized most of them shouldn’t know too much about me.

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