• Juan Madrid

    So, did you end up choosing a theme for your car?. I am writing out of curiosity. I liked the ideas. I also really dug the wave theme. If you have already applied it on your vehicle, was it printed or computer cut vinyl and then weeded? Later, mate.

  • Osvaldo

    Hi, I was thinking to buy this Oly xz-1 and use it to learn “photographic principles”…so, may I ask you why do you think it would not be any good? I thought that as long as a camera had manual controls it could be used to learn photography, where am I wrong? Thanks

  • KM

    Hi Ian,

    Very interesting thoughts on your website. I enjoyed reading them. I am not sure if you are aware, but your nric number, home address, mobile numbers etc can be found on the web. Though it is kind of risky to have that published openly. Cheers, KM

    Here’s the link http://iantan.org/pix/ianCV.doc


  • http://www.iantan.org Ian Tan

    Thanks KM. I dumped my CV in that folder some time before there was cloud storage :) Will be removing it!