Christians and Hypocrites

I attended a conservative church for a few years when I was staying in Clementi. This church was a pretty legalistic place,  insisting that you either use the King James Version of the Bible or you must be reading the wrong version of God’s Word.

Of course, during Sunday sermons there, I always whipped out the NIV version that was given to me by my old church friends at Leng Kwang Baptist. I edited out all the “thee”s and “thou”s with every scripture reading.

But I digress from my main topic.

What I do remember most about the dogmatic church, was trying to push Isaac’s stroller from the road into the church entrance, and find the wheelchair access area blocked by big, fat expensive cars whose drivers could not be bothered to park at the faraway car park. I have a really bad memory, but this is one of the things which I will never forget.

I thought then : “How can Christians be so ungracious to the needy in the church itself?”

Which usually leads to “Is this how the rest of the world sees us? We say one thing, but we do another thing. Aren’t we such hypocrites?”

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Darren’s Story Part III

A big congratulations to my old friend Darren who, with God’s help and his own indomitable spirit, has overcome his challenges in so many more ways than one. And the dude is going to be a father soon too!

From Channelnewsasia, 6th Jan 2011:

Eight young S’poreans honoured for contributions to community


SINGAPORE : Eight young people were honoured for their contributions to the community at a gala dinner on Wednesday night.

The Young Outstanding Singaporeans award celebrates future leaders who can be role models for the next generation.

44-year-old entrepreneur Elim Chew received the Special Commendation Award. Organisers said Miss Chew epitomised an emerging trend, where Singaporeans reach their prime after the 35-year mark.

The other recipients are aged between 22 and 34.

They were recognised for their work in various fields like education, the environment and social work.

One of them, 34-year-old Dr Darren Chua, beat all odds – including a severe stroke in 2000 – to attain a Masters in Science and become an educator.

“After one, two years, it slowly dawned on me that a career in medicine couldn’t be fulfilled, so (I) started to look elsewhere, on what other element that I could fulfill,” said Dr Chua, a recipient of the Young Singaporean Award.

“And at the end of the day, what I really want to do is to be of service to people. Initially it was medicine, and now I found it in education,’ he added.

It’s still hard to believe it’s been over ten years since that fateful day. Here are the previous entries on his long journey.

Darren’s Story Part I

Darren’s Story Part II

Can Christians Think?

When I was in university, we were most amused when a lecturer whipped out a book by the diplomat Kishore Mahbubani called “Can Asians Think?”

And actually, I’ve often wondered to myself – Can Christians Think? Or more accurately…Do Christians Think?

Let’s face it – Christianity is no walk in the park. Every day, I believe many believers goes through major or minor crises of faith. Which Christian doesn’t think to himself once in a while : “God, are you there?”?

But I also believe, from years of observation, that many Christians don’t think very much about biblical issues at all.

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The Bible principle I live by when at work

When it comes to work, we Christians struggle daily with the secular world.

The morals defined by the world often conflict directly with what God tells us to do. We work hard to pay the bills, but face the temptation to love money more than God. We take pride in the quality of our work, and it is hard to remember that it is not us who make great things happen, but God.

I am thankful that I’ve grown up going through various difficult experiences that taught me certain principles to live by, and the same principles are verbalized in the Bible.

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Pat Robertson needs to keep quiet

I was saddened when I first read news about the massive earthquake in Haiti, and got really upset when I read this story on CNN:

(CNN) — Pat Robertson, the evangelical Christian who once suggested God was punishing Americans with Hurricane Katrina, says a “pact to the devil” brought on the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

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Darren’s Story Part II

Some of you might remember Darren’s story which I wrote the night after he got married in Sep 2006. When I was a journo I asked Darren if I could write the newspaper story on him, but he was too shy. He’s not so shy now, and my dear ex-colleague Wan Ching finally did the deed a few days ago for The New Paper. I’ve reproduced her article here and it relates in greater detail what happened that fateful night and how he’s progressed since his marriage. Praise the Lord.



Helpless and with half his skull lost after a severe stroke, comeback doc wants to inspire others


IT HAD been his lifelong dream to be a doctor. He graduated top of his cohort in his junior college and worked hard in medical school to realise his dream.

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Life is simple, really.

Haven’t had much time to blog due to extreme work commitments over the past few weeks. Came down with stomach flu too on Tuesday, which I had to expel from my system with prayer, willpower and lots of Glucolin. And thank God I was up and running by Wed, a minor miracle in itself.

Just a thought for the day which I didn’t cut/paste from somewhere else.

Life is actually very simple. I’ve observed that it gets complicated when people think that the universe revolves around them and try to fit the pieces of the puzzle together from their own perspective. Unfortunately, they’ll find that the pieces they have don’t really fit together, because they don’t see the bigger picture nor do they realize that the pieces aren’t meant to fit neatly next to each other.

Now when I tell people that I lead a simple and contented life, some don’t really believe me. The answer, cannot be that simple, they argue. But I sleep easy every night (except before major work events, of course), because life is simple, really. Thank God for that.

I can’t prove God exists. So how?

Recently, some of my old postings on Christianity have seen a revival in comments from two readers. You might want to read the posts and the comments

Why, God, Why?

Why I go to church

The latest reply I did to a reader named Stephen is so long, I might as well post it as a new entry (so you other regular readers don’t complain that I haven’t been posting often enough ;D).

It touches upon why I can’t prove the existence of God to a non-believer, yet I continue to believe in Him.

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