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My name is Ian Tan and I’m a Singaporean male.

Actually, in the new Internet age of privacy, that’s all you really ought to know but I can elaborate a bit more.

The question is do I talk about my work and school accomplishments (which for many, define who they are in other people’s eyes), or do I talk about what I like to think about (which for many others, define who they can be)?

I’ll do a bit of both I guess.

I love my family and I fear my God

This website is the latest, and most enduring, in many personal websites that I’ve started since the late 1990s. The previous ones never lasted because blogging technology just wasn’t ready for prime time then, and it was awful doing all the manual HTML work.

One common thread on all my homepages (what an archaic term!) are topics on family, my family and Christianity. Above all else, I spend a lot of time devoted to my wife and kids, and acknowledging the wrath and grace of our Maker. My life has been a roller coaster ride of lessons in becoming a better person in the eyes of man and God, and this website helps to put down markers for some milestones in my life.

I like stuff related to media.

I’ve been exposed since young to wide range of artistic influences, from comic books to pre-war architecture, which in turn created a desire to engage with, or create my own pieces of art. Throughout my studies in the Anglo-Chinese School family to Nanyang Technological University, I continued to draw or design stuff.

As God’s will would have it, I never became the graphics artist I dreamt of becoming, and wound up becoming a journalist at The New Paper, an afternoon tabloid of the Singapore Press Holdings from 1998 to 2007. In between, I was blessed with a chance to become a press photographer for about four years.

So over that decade, I put onto print thousands of stories and photographs, as well as editorial projects that made me, as well as my artistic collaborators very happy.

I like technology

Growing up without many toys, I spent my time playing with spare batteries, bulbs and wires lying around the house. I guess that ignited a love for gadgetry that is common among most guys. I love putting together my own DIY PCs, checking out the latest peripherals and investing time with cool software that makes my life a bit fancier than it used to be (within budget of course).

Thus, it was no accident that I helmed my own technology section within TNP from 2003 to 2007, driving plenty of content along with colleagues and friends like Oo Gin Lee and Billy Teo. The best part about it was getting to review games, and somehow or another, I ended up working in Microsoft as the marcoms manager for the Entertainment and Devices Division. I looked after Microsoft Hardware business in Singapore, dealing with PC peripherals such as mice, keyboards and webcams for over a year. Now, I lead marketing and product management for Xbox 360 and Kinect in Singapore, possibly the best job in the universe.

That said, this site has the usual legal disclaimer used by folks such as Major Nelson and Ozymandias:

I run this blog on my own time and at my own cost. Anything I say on this blog is my own personal opinion, and is not read or approved by anyone before it is posted. Even though I work for Microsoft, posts do not necessarily reflects the views of my company, management, Microsoft partners, affiliates, or even you. I will do my best to ensure everything I post is accurate, but all posts as provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Then again, I hardly write about work-related stuff. After so many years of working in editorial, I tend not to put up any personal thoughts about what I really do at work (no, I do not spend all my time playing Xbox games), or what I feel about my company, or other partner’s products and services. You’d never know when you might burn a bridge or two.

My social networks

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iantan

Twitter: iantan76

Sorry in advance if I don’t add you after you’ve done so, because I try to keep my friends list to people that I actually know.

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