Snazzy widescreen wallpapers for Spb Mobile Shell

demo venus spb Wallpaper as it appears with Spb Mobile Shell (Centre screen)

venus 960px The original 960×768 wallpaper

Anyone using a Windows Mobile touchscreen phone should check out Spb Mobile Shell, which allows you to customise your device in many new ways. It’s available at USD29.95 and works on deveice from Windows Mobile 5 and newer versions of the OS.

Now since I purchased my HTC Touch Diamond 2 last year, I’ve been busy trying out new wallpapers on this mobile shell. The cool thing about Mobile Shell is that the wallpaper stretches across three screens, so you’d need one that is cropped and sized correctly. The Touch Diamond 2 has a 400×800 pixel screen, and Spb recommends a 960 by 748 pixel image for such widescreen phones. So for Venus above, you’re seeing the centre screen. If you swipe left or right, you’ll see the corresponding sides of the original image.

Here’s a collection of images that I’ve adapted from publicly-available wallpapers from Marvel and other arty sources. I’ve zipped it up and will update it when I have new images.


Added 8 Jan 2010

caravaggio darkknight 960by748 dd 960by748 b dd 960by748 Fiesta_campestre ironfist green mist 960by748 b ironfist green mist 960by748 ironman 960by748 messiahcomplex 960by748 b messiahcomplex 960by748 scarlet witch spidey 960by748 thor 960by748 venus 960px wolvie vs sabretooth 960by748 wolvie vs spidey 960by748

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