Photo Relief

There’s been quite a long series of negative rants, so let me break up the bad karma with the little brats. They’re getting naughtier by the day, but you cannot deny the warm fuzzy feeling you get when they hug you or bite your nose affectionately.

isaac and ian mar 2006.jpg

Isaac and Papa having their last Fish and Coy meal at the Bugis outlet…it was his bday celebration.

isaac and meimei 280306.jpg

Mei Mei and Isaac at the void deck

isaac smirk.jpg

Isaac smirking at Life BP’s garden

7 Replies to “Photo Relief”

  1. Mei Mei is her nick. We hardly call her Isabel cos the nick sounds so much cuter.

    Then again, we used to call Isaac “Ah Jun” (for Junior) all the time. Now we call him Zacky or ISAAC!!!! (cos he’s so naughty).

    So kids’ nicks will change over time.

  2. oh yah! i call my little brother (he’s 13 years younger) – baby since he was a baby. Now he’s 14 years old, weird to be calling him BABY. hahahaaha

  3. Heh, u have good looking children… which is fantastic really. Sometimes i see frens with ugly children and i can’t bring myself to compliment them… nor tell my frens in their faces that their kids don’t look good. Wahahaha.

    😛 Sorry, the gahmen’s pro-kids policy obviously not working for me.

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