DriveClub Bikes (PS4) review by a biker

When bikers get together, we like to talk about motorcycles. Many of us also love taking photographs of our motorcycles, as well as other motorcycles. We’d then talk about the great motorcycles we hope to own someday. Then when we’re done, we’ll go ride our motorcycles.

Remarkably, the new PlayStation 4 game DriveClub Bikes allows you to do all that from your couch, and in a really stunning way. Of course, any non-biker can get into this racing game, but it’s really a biker’s wet dream… literally and virtually.

You probably won't lean that low even on a dry road.
You probably won’t lean that low even on a dry road. Here, my classic Ducati 1098R battles the new Kawasaki H2.

I don’t think there has been any great motorcycle videogame for a very long time. Then one quietly appeared last month, and I only got to know about DriveClub Bikes when I was casually browsing through the PlayStation Store on my PS4.

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Discussing lane-splitting on Talking Point

I was invited by the kind folks at Talking Point, Channel 5, to provide my views on motorcyclists and lane-splitting. I appear in the first third of the show which aired 5 Nov, and my Monster makes an appearance too. Generally I will say the same thing to anyone – lane-splitting is useful but high-risk, do it at your own risk and don’t speed between cars. 

Motorcyclists who lane-split recklessly put themselves and other drivers at risk, and give us all a bad name. Of course, most of the poor riders who do it won’t read this or will insist they are right, so I can only hope they learn their lesson without getting into any trouble.

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Please stop this SMRT seat shaming nonsense

For some years now, some Singaporeans have taken much delight in shaming supposedly undeserving people who are occupying the SMRT train carriage’s “reserved” seats for the needy.

They snap photos with their phones and put it online on forums, websites or social media to shame the subjects. Their desire is for the Internet lynch mob to descend on their photo victims to teach them a lesson.

It’s time to stop this nonsense, people.

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Why do you do what you do?

Do you know what’s the saddest thing I find about the conclusion of the City Harvest trial?

No, not that the convicted would continue to claim that their actions were right in their eyes (or God’s), or that their followers would continue to support the church leaders. These were all predictable outcomes of this long-drawn trial given the track record of all parties mentioned.

What I found sad was the lack of forthrightness of some Christian critics and the lack of a robust, intellectual defence from CHC supporters.

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Biker Bites – A dialogue with the Traffic Police

It’s been a busy time at our new startup but I took some time out today to attend my first dialogue session organized by the Traffic Police for the motorcycle community.

I usually hang out with my fellow Geeks on Motorbikes so it was interesting to see who else would turn up. There were representatives from the driving schools, the Singapore Kindness Movement, a cycling group, a Vespa group and the largest group of bikers were from the local Harley commmunity (well, the event was held at Harley-Davidson’s showroom after all). I was the only Ducati rider there.

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Biker Bites: Getting Squeezed In Class 2A

A lot of people believe that a Class 2A motorcycle is good enough for daily commuting use. It’s true as the stalwart Honda Super Four (400cc) has been the most popular mid-range bike on our Singapore roads for the few decades. Even my aunty asked me why I don’t ride “that bigger Honda bike”.

However, this could be the class of motorcycles where bike dealers can squeeze buyers most effectively. If you are looking for the best deal in Class 2A, you may only want to buy used, and not new motorcycles.

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Changes and More Changes: The tenth anniversary blog post

So just like that, ten years have passed since I began this blog site.

In one way, it hasn’t really changed from being a place to pen my thoughts, and to share my passions or ideas.

In another way, it has sort of chronicled the major changes in my career, my family and my understanding of myself.

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Singapore Licence Plate Generator

If you are bidding for a Singapore licence plate for a car or motorcycle, you’ll probably be wondering how the Land Transport Authority comes up with the last alphabet of every plate. For example, the “L” in SKR22L or the “Z” in SJN555Z. It’s some complex formula I won’t go into, but here’s a nifty online tool to find your ideal plate number combo for future series of plates.

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